★ Scatter-brained confusion to laser lucid clarity about your vision, mission and message.

★ Scarcity and uncertainty to an inbox filled with requests for your unique genius and natural-born gifts.

★ Caught up in a toxic spin cycle of lack and desperation to calm and confidence filling every single pore of your sexy soul.

★ Unhappy and stuck in your job to loving your clients you work with and the transformations you co-create.

★  Struggling to prove your worth to enjoying a deep sense of peace from knowing how to identify the required revenue-generating work that will help you make money from a place of deep receiving and service.

★ Anxious and insecure to standing in your power, creating the life of your dreams and leaving a legacy, simply by being yourself.


→ You're in a place of transition in your career.
→ You no longer fulfilled by your job, you’re starting a business venture, or perhaps you’re reinventing yourself as an entrepreneur again. 
→ You're feeling uncertain about this next chapter in your life.
→ You're exhausted from pushing and forcing and overwhelmed by your ever-growing task list.
→ You feel anxious and stuck by the infinite options and directions 
→ You feel disconnected from your own inner guidance and you’re afraid of choosing the wrong path
→ You are tired of playing small, staying safe and not letting yourself be seen.
→ You’d give anything to zoom forward into freedom, prosperity, happiness and fulfillment

Does this sound familiar?

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✗ Lack of clarity
✗ Lack of inspired direction
✗ Lack of aligned strategy
✗ Lack of inner confidence
✗ Lack of abundance mindset
✗ Lack of trust in self

✔ Full-bodied certainty of your Soul Purpose
✔ A birds-eye view of your divine life path
✔ Crystal clear messaging
✔ Defined strategy for growth
✔ Faith in your inner guidance 
✔ Financial abundance and wellbeing
✔ Unshakable belief in yourself 

Embark on a courageous journey Into your heart

darling, it's time

To Claim a Life of Freedom, Abundance, Creativity and Joy

–Amanda Gilbert, Author + Professor of Mindfulness at USC

"Working with Johanna on bringing my practice and vision to life online was nothing short of a dream. She was able to listen to my business's unique background and future goals, strategize our online content and provide a design direction that matched the energy of my business perfectly.”

Nothing short of a dream

The first client I ever signed was for $15,000–without a website, logo, instagram, email list or anything like that. All I had was my genius, my gifts and a lot of self-belief. Now I have a fancy website only because I enjoy it.

You need a fancy website to be successful

Marketing Myth

It’s your turn to step into your unparalleled potential

let’s do this.

I specialize in helping humans to bring more of their true essence to their work and amplify feminine energy on Earth. Here's what I want you to know about my work and how I'm unlike any other coach out there: 

★ Since age 22, I’ve been working hands-on with tiny teams to build big things, including a contemporary art gallery in Los Angeles Gallery Row, the USA operation of lululemon founder’s non-profit to develop the education system in Ethiopia, and a global women's storytelling movement now in 80 countries.

★  I founded a boutique branding and consulting agency in 2016. Here are some milestones:
☆  Launched businesses for 50+ entrepreneurs across industries like therapy, law, medicine, wellness, and coaching
☆  Built revolutionary brands in the sensuality, meditation and women's empowerment spaces from scratch 
☆  Supported the birthing process of over 33 social good projects
☆  Created multi-million dollar pitches for serial entrepreneurs, ivy leaguers and royal families 

★ Healed myself from depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, gastrointestinal issues and hypothyroidism through natural remedies, ancient technology, detoxing, Chinese Medicine, meditation, plant-based eating, deep inner work and nature connection

★ I’ve peeled back the layer and removed painful creative blocks that were holding me back from living my most authentic expression. Now I’m excited to say that I write, paint, draw and/or sing every single day! 

★ I’m on a path of humble service and divine connection. With 10 years of yogic practice and study I’ve been formally trained in Hatha and Kundalini. I’ve been humbled and privileged to work with incredible spiritual mentors and teachers over the years including deep-dive living experiences with a renowned clairvoyant and a monk from the lineage of saints in India.

★ I’ve taken risks, I’ve failed and I’ve had triumphs. I’ve bounced back and reinvented myself time and time again. The only thing that’s constant is that everything changes. 

this is my story

I am Johanna &

“The best investment I've made in myself! Johanna helped me get clarity around what I want to provide people, and then we beautifully translated it into an online presence.”

– Meredith Baker, Mindset Coach + Athlete,  Harvard BA / Oxford MSc

The best investment I've made in myself

– Arestia Rosenberg, Filmmaker + Creative Director

“Even though I'm a storyteller, I found it particularly difficult to tell my own story! Having such a creative and strategic mirror and mind like Johanna to help me craft and tell my story both in words and visually was a game-changer. She not only was able to help me creatively but also strategically to help me craft what I offer to my clients. Johanna was wonderful and FUN to work with and her taste is unparalleled. I cannot recommend her enough– and I do all the time!”

Creative and strategic mind

"I credit Johanna with making my vision for my practice a reality. To anyone interested in working with her - you won't regret it. Invest in yourself and your business, it will be one of the best decisions you make."

– Jenna Blackmon, Conscious Uncoupling Attorney & Mediator

Best decision I made

Henri Mattise Working from bed ‘You see as I am obliged to remain often in bed because of the state of my health, I have made a little garden all around me where I can walk… There are leaves, fruits, a bird.’ However, this work was not simply a consolation prize for a man dealing with illness. As he explained: ‘I have needed all that time to reach the stage where I can say what I want to say… Only what I created after the illness constitutes my real self: free, liberated.’

–Henri Matisse, Artist

There are Leaves, fruits, a bird!

Sneak peak,

Program highlights

Transformative Strategy Sessions

In these private 1-1 consulting sessions, Johanna will meet you where you're at and offer aligned direction. These sessions may include high-level brand strategy, soul purpose activation, collaborative copywriting and personal guidance.

Former 8-Figure CFO of Ryde and women's rights activist, Saleha Bhatti brings you curated guidance to transform your experience with money. You will learn money mastery and financial wellness so you can feel secure during your transition, multiply your income and thrive. You'll never have to struggle and stress over financial systems again!

Financial Freedom Training

Gain access to a library of incredible tools and resources so you can distill your essence into your online presence with grace and ease. This includes design tricks, font pairing, copywriting prompts and how-to guides. These tools of the trade will save you time and the excruciating disappointment of paying for bad creative services. You'll be empowered to develop marketing tools at the speed of light on a dime! 

Sacred Branding Tools and Resources

there's so much more...

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